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  • A New Musical Instrument That Sounds Like A Digital Synthesizer

    A New Musical Instrument That Sounds Like A Digital Synthesizer

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    The Internet has been abuzz with a new musical instrument that has an interesting name and packs a serious sound.

    Turkish musician Görkem Şen created the Yaybahar and demonstrated its sound on a video that has since gone viral. The instrument is impossibly large and looks deceptively simple. It seems to be made of sticks and drum covers and just when you’re ready to disregard its ability to produce any sound, Şen brings out his bow and starts playing.

    The sound is deep, full and incredibly moody and futuristic yet also beautiful. It’s been dubbed the acoustic version of a digital synthesizer and we’re still stunned about the sounds that came out of that instrument.

    We’re interested to see what becomes of the Yaybahar, if it can be reproduced and mainstreamed into orchestras, experimental music, even pop music. We’re thinking the size will be a major factor in its long-term success but we hope to hear more of the Yaybahar’s sound!

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