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Savannah Wheeler and Annie's Dream.

Annie’s Dream – Kickstarter Fund Ends March 5

Thanks to everyone who has supported singer-songwriter Savannah Wheeler and her goal of recording Annie’s Dream, an EP of original music. Every $10, $35 and $100 investment brings Savannah one step closer to walking into the recording studio and we are grateful.


But we’re not done yet. Every gift matters, including yours!


There are just 12 days left to fund Savannah’s project and we hope you consider giving today. You know—we all know—that the music industry has changed. If you want music that isn’t formulaic, that defies genres and that just sounds good, WE must be the record company.


Donating to Savannah’s Kickstarter project also has some neat perks. They include:


  • Original Song: Have you ever want to be someone’s muse? This is your chance! If you give $1,500, Savannah will write an original song just for you.


  • Private Concert: Want to give a gift to your partner? What could be more romantic that having a private concert in your backyard. So get out your fire pit, grab a cozy blanket and donate $500.


  • Voicemail Bundle: Add some originality to your voicemail message! For $300, Savannah will sing your favorite song, do an original rap on why you’re not picking up the phone or anything you can imagine.


Thanks for your support and let’s make a dream come true!


The Music Junction offers piano and voice lessons at our Burbank and Hollywood locations. Call us today to learn more.

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