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It's OK for children to take singing lessons.

Can Children Take Voice Lessons?

When it comes to singing, so many myths abound. Some people believe that singing is an innate skill and others claim their singing success lies in “using” their diaphragm.


Another persistent myth is that children should not take voice lessons.


We’re not sure about the origins of this myth but whoever created it certainly has never visited an elementary school classroom where songs are often integrated into the curriculum. And this person certainly has never visited a playground, where high octave screaming is a regular occurrence.


So, what do we think about the myth that professional training will lead to “vocal abuse” in children and cause deterioration of their vocal cords?


Our response: If you’re with a voice instructor who treats every student the same — young and old — then you’re with the wrong instructor. A good, responsible teacher tailors your child’s education to his abilities and desired outcomes. A voice coach should never push your child to sing with strong intensity, sing excessively or do overly challenging vocal ranges.


The Music Junction co-owner Charissa Vaughan-Wheeler has been taking singing lessons since she was 4 years old and believes in learning to sing the right way from the start.


“Of course singing incorrectly for a long time can cause damage to any voice, young or old,” Vaughan-Wheeler says.  “Kids can sing incorrectly whether they do it in front of a teacher or singing on their own – I would feel better if the teacher was monitoring.”


For more information vocal abuse visit this website. To get another teacher’s perspective, read this Huffington Post story.


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