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    Introducing Our New Beatboxing Teacher, Samuel Osborne a.k.a Samwise


    Samuel Osborne (aka Samwise) is a highly experienced and qualified Australian Educator, Professional Speaker and Beatboxer. He has taught the musical art of beatboxing to children all over Australia for a decade on stage, in schools, birthday parties and community events. Samwise is excited and passionate about giving children the joy of becoming confident in themselves while learning to beatbox. Most children still remember Samwise years after having met him and often a child will call out his name in a public space, run up to him and say we remember what you taught us! Now, living in North Hollywood, Samwise is here to stay and contribute to the San Fernando Valley community. In association with Burbank Music Junction, Samwise is now available to tutor children in beatboxing.


    Lessons with Sam are being offered now, beatboxing is excellent for kids who want to increase confidence and creativity.

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