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Kurt Elling is my (Charissa's) favorite jazz vocalist of all time (sorry Ella).  I first saw him live 7 years ago at the Green Mill Jazz Club in Chicago, where he got his start.  He performed in LA in 2012 and gave one of the best performances I've ever seen, with a small 3-piece ensemble of high-end musicians who were so tight and advanced that it felt like a whole new level of music.

This is an amazing video featuring a virtual choir made of prerecorded homemade videos from 3,746 people in 73 countries of the same song.  It's a 3,746-person choir in this 3rd installment by Eric Whitacre (the 4th video features over 8,000).  Composer Eric Whitacre's idea for a Virtual Choir featuring voices from all over the world began when a fan recorded herself singing one of his songs and shared it on YouTube.