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Getting A Date May Be As Simple As Playing Music

Music makes people more attractive for dating.

Getting A Date May Be As Simple As Playing Music


If you’re looking for a love interest this Valentine’s Day, ditch the flowers and candy and crank up the music!


Research conducted by Japanese scientists found that attraction and feelings of romantic interest between potential mates increased dramatically if their encounter included music playing in the background.


The research, published in the Psychology of Music, evaluated 32 participants in their 20s. They sat at a table while strangers visited and talked to them, according the Wall Street Journal. After 20 minutes, the strangers would leave and another set of unknown people would enter. In some instances a wide variety of music would be playing, anything from rap to classical music to rock.


Once the conversations ended, the young people were asked to rate the strangers based on 10 traits that varied from patience, confidence and interest in dating. The strangers who engaged in conversation while music was playing scored higher than those who talked without music.


“Music affects neurochemical systems in the brain that may enhance the interpersonal impressions formed during those conversations …” according to the wall Street Journal that cited the research paper. “Potentially stronger effects might occur if subjects chose their own music, they said.”


Is there anything music cannot do?


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