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  • How Young Is Too Young For Music Lessons?

    How Young Is Too Young For Music Lessons?

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    boy-at-pianoIt is never too early to expose your child to music; Even babies in the womb can gain cognitive benefits from hearing music. Children between the ages of 0-9 have the highest potential for developing a love and understanding of music but knowing the right age at which to start formal lessons or group music lessons can be challenging for a parent.

    The most commonly recommended age for starting private music lessons is between 5 and 7 years old. Kids in that age range have developed a bit of classroom etiquette and have begun reading and writing. Both of which are essential tools in the process of learning music in a more structured environment such as private lessons. Children under 5 will benefit greatly from larger group music classes which involve more physical movement and music appreciation.

    PBS.org has a great article which goes more in depth on the best ways to encourage your little musician.




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