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    Celeste D
    Anaheim, CA 

    Oct 07, 2014  

    My daughter's teacher, Kim, is patient, kind, and very good with 6-year olds. Her first recital was a great experience -encouraging and rewarding. The Music Junction is an excellent school!

    Christine H
    Los Angeles, CA 

    Oct 07, 2014  

    My daughter has been going to Music Junction in Burbank for piano lessons with Ana for several months. We took a few months to decide if it was the right time because she is 4 years old and although she is a very bright 4 year old her father thought it was too early. However the owner was very nice and responsive to all my emails and questions. Finally we started and could not be happier. The program is incredibly good for children. Ana is a very good teacher and my daughter really loves her and the lessons. They also have a recital in December which is always a plus for us, I think it gives children something to work towards. I highly recommend Music Junction and am happy Yelp helped find them!

    Miki D
    Glendale, CA 

    Aug 18, 2014  

    My 10 year-old daughter and 8 year-old son has been with Brad for a year and it has been more than I've ever expected! They are reading the score on their own and picking up songs they want to play, learning chords and scale, and above all, totally enjoying piano. They never complain about practicing (though I still need to remind them everyday) and they look forward to their lesson. We love Brad but we also love how Charissa manages the studio. She's on top of everything. Overall just thankful for a great experience!!

    Tricia E.
    North Hollywood, CA 

    May 16, 2014  

    My 12 year old son Gavin is definitely loving his piano lessons. Brad is an awesome and patient teacher. I can see my son continuing to take classes here, so long as I can make it happen for him. It is a gift for children to learn about music...one that is not cultivated enough.

    Paul D.
    Mira Mesa, San Diego, CA 

    May 09, 2014  

    We are quite happy with the Music Junction. Kim is a wonderful teacher. She is dedicated to her craft and great with children. Kim is extremely supportive yet makes sure our daughter plays properly, with good technique. Kim even encourages our daughter to explore music and create her own pieces. Our daughter has also become a strong sight reader under Kim's tutelage. We are excited to see what our daughter's future with the Music Junction brings!

    N B.
    Los Angeles, CA 

    Apr 28, 2014  

    The Music Junction is a wonderful place for learning piano. Anahit has a lot of patience. She has inspired our children to enjoy music. It is a joy to hear them play the piano!

    Ed F.

    Apr 21, 2014  

    Kim has been so wonderful teaching our kids. She began when they were 5; they are now 7. In the two years, We have seen them develop wonderful piano skills and music appreciation. Kim also has a perfect temperament for teaching. We recommend her without qualification.

    Kristina F.
    North Hollywood, CA 

    Apr 21, 2014  

    We have been with The Music Junction for a few years now, and I am thrilled with my children's progress.

    We currently have Ms. Kim as our teacher and she is great! My kids are motivated to practice everyday, and sometimes just need to touch the piano as they are walking through the room - to me that is the sign of a great teacher. She has gotten my kids (especially my 6 year old boy who most times cannot sit still for long periods of time) to sit,, read and understand this new language of music. Ms. Kim knows how to communicate with the kids well and makes sure they are understanding the material before moving forward.

    We have also had lessons with other teachers and Charissa herself, and I can wholeheartedly recommend any teacher from The Music Junction.

    Christine C.
    Los Angeles, CA 

    Mar 03, 2014  

    My 8 year old son has been taking lessons with Brad for about 6 months and we're really happy. He's been enjoying the lessons, and practicing is not too bad, most of the time 😉 I like the program they use quite a bit and seeing results quickly. Brad has a great disposition with kids.

    Yessica H.
    Goleta, CA 

    Jan 24, 2014  

    The Music Junction is great. Our daughter (4 1/2 years old) started taking in home piano lessons with one of their wonderful instructors late last year. Kim is an amazing musician, and you can immediately tell that she has a lot of experience teaching young children. Her kind and sweet demeanor put my daughter at ease within the learning experience. My daughter always looked forward to her next lesson. We are thankful to have found Kim and the Music Junction

    Adelina P.
    Glendale, CA 

    Jan 24, 2014  

    I was so excited to find this little gem! I have been taking piano lessons with Brad and he has been a great teacher. He is patient, funny and makes learning fun......oh and he really can play the piano 🙂 I highliy recommend this studio and Brad, if you are looking for a place where you can learn and have fun! Everyone is really nice and it feels like home, if you get what I mean 🙂

    Seungwon L.
    Burbank, CA 

    Jan 21, 2014  

    When my daughter turned four years old, I looked for a good piano studio for her. We found the Music Junction over internet and tried it out. Setting up the first lesson was very easy. The founder Charissa was very accommodating for time, schedule, and program. My daughter had her first lesson with Anahit six months ago. Anahit is so sweet and tender and very encouraging. My daughter loved her pretty much at the first lesson. My daughter has finished one piano lesson book (My First Piano Adventure, Lesson Book A by Nancy and Randall Faber) and now is doing the second series (Lesson Book B). This book series is great for young kids 4-5 years old. It introduces musical concepts and techniques with many delightful songs in CD. My daughter loves playing piano with the CD. We also love their semi-annual recitals. They organized it so well and my daughter did a great job at her first piano recital last December at the Hollywood Piano Company in Burbank. I highly recommend this piano studio for anyone who would like to learn piano in an encouraging and warm environment.

    Jen P.
    North Hollywood, CA 

    Jan 08, 2014  

    The Music Junction is the perfect place to take piano lessons - such a great find. In particular, our teacher, Anahit, has been wonderful with our five year old son - keeping him excited and encouraged about playing. The method is fun and engaging and he is truly learning how to read music and enjoy practice. They are so well-organized and always on time. The facility is nice and the instruments are great. I was so impressed with the recital - they grouped it into multiple sessions and ran it so smoothly. It is a really great place to get started if you're looking for solid training with fun, encouraging atmosphere that also produces results. As a musician myself, I immediately appreciated that Anahit was going to get him playing and performing right away, expect him to practice, but also build a joy - not make it a chore. I really recommend this highly.

    Jeffy C.
    Burbank, CA 

    Dec 09, 2013  

    My Daughter Jami has been going here for about 6 months or so and she has excelled amazingly.

    Thanks to her wonderful teacher Anahit Gregorian

    Roger K.
    Los Angeles, CA 

    Dec 07, 2013  

    BEST PIANO LESSONS IN LOS ANGELES!!!! My 10 & 8 year old daughters have been taking piano and voice from the Music Junction for 4 years now and love it. The teachers make it fun for the kids. My wife and I got jealous, so we started taking lessons too. Now we all fight over who gets to play at the piano. I can't say enough good things about Charissa and her teachers.

    Alison S.
    Los Angeles, CA 

    Dec 07, 2013  

    We love the Music Junction!! Our 4 year old daughter has been taking lessons for several months and we absolutely love her teacher, Kim. She does a great job with our daughter. She is encouraging and supportive at the same time as gently guiding her towards learning the piano and voice.
    Charissa runs a great program, we are thrilled to be a part of it!

    Su.shi.Mu.y O.
    Burbank, CA 

    Dec 07, 2013  

    My daughter is taking lessons here. The teacher is friendly and patient.

    Caitlyn T.
    Hawthorne, CA 

    Nov 12, 2013  

    Music Junction was great, nothing but positivity and patience! I saw that the reviews on yelp were great, so I gave them a try and I was amazed. Their staff are extremely educated and friendly, highly recommend giving them a try if you're looking into taking musical lessons!

    Jeremy O.
    Burbank, CA 

    May 13, 2013  

    Our 6-year-old daughter began piano lessons here recently and has been thoroughly enjoying it, loving her teacher, practicing almost every day, and learning a lot. Add to that a big comfy waiting area and practice pianos and free wi-fi, plus nice rooms with good pianos. They're really doing it right.

    The W.
    Los Angeles, CA 

    Apr 10, 2013  

    The Music Junction (Kim) is all about positive reinforcement during piano lesson time. My two kids ages 5 & 6 are enthusiastic when there weekly lesson comes around. Kim always says specific things they did well. Sometimes it's a stretch, but no matter what, my kids feel as though they are fantastic. At their age, I think this is key in keeping them interested and motivated. While it seems obvious that making kids(students) feel good about themselves, not all teachers work this way! Before coming to Music Junction, my kids use to complain and think of any excuse not to participate in their lesson. Luckily I recognized the teacher wasn't a good fit; After some research I came across The Music Junction and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. I fully endorse they're program and teachers!!! Thanks Music Junction, for making piano time fun for my kids, while at the same time giving them lifelong lessons(the gift of music)...

    Ashish B.
    Los Angeles, CA 

    Mar 15, 2013  

    Why a 5 star? this is not an emotional decision.

    I found Music Junction over internet like most people do and I tried to reach them to enroll my son into their Piano lessons. The response was lightening fast and the process was a breeze.

    My son was in the class, learning, next day. 1 start for that

    Excellent teachers, knowledgeable and kind. My son got an opportunity to learn from Kirsten and Kim and both are extremely good with kids and keep my son look forward for his class every week. 1 star for that

    He has already been into a recital just after a few weeks of starting and played very nice. 1 star for that (I will give credit to my son's hard work too :))

    We are satisfied with the way Charissa is managing her institute and focusing on each child and their needs. 1 star for that

    I wish her institute see bigger success.

    So how many stars did you count above? 4? Really?

    Alright, 1 star for teachers giving dedicated time and not bounding the class by time...they believe in doing lessons, not hours. Above all, kids get a lots of gifts from their teachers as rewards for their hard work. Stickers, toys, you name it...

    That sums up to a 5 star institute.

    Julianna A.
    Los Angeles, CA 

    Feb 28, 2013  

    My two daughters, ages 8 and 9, have been taking lessons with the Music Junction for about three years now. I have to say that the teachers at the Music Junction have a great way of combining the basics (technique, theory, etc) while instilling in their students a love for music, both popular and classical. They are kind yet firm, patient, full of enthusiasm and very professional. The quarterly recitals are a definite bonus and have taught my children how to be at ease performing in front of a a group -- a definite confidence booster.

    Isela A.
    Los Angeles, CA 

    Feb 11, 2013  

    The music Junction is great. Our family has been taking lessons for over two years and the teachers are great. My daughter 17 is taking singing and piano lessons and my nephew (10) is taking piano lessons. My nephew has autism and they are very patient with him. He has learned a lot thanks to the great care they take with him. This is a great place to go!

    Roger K.
    Los Angeles, CA 

    Feb 09, 2013  

    Our family has been taking lessons with the Music Junction for years. The teachers are all excellent and are well trained to teach at all levels and ages. My daughters (9) and (7) take lessons along with my wife and I. The new facility is in Burbank is state of the art. This is the place to go if you want to learn piano.

    Alice M.
    Glendale, CA 

    Feb 07, 2013  

    We started with the music junction when my daughter was three (she's now 10), and subsequently had my son start as well. I can't say enough about the professionalism we've encountered here - from how the teachers interact with our kids (hard to describe, but both very kind and yet effective) to the great communication to the well-organized recitals. Our kids have learned so much and have had a blast doing it.

    Francine L.
    Sherman Oaks, CA 

    Feb 04, 2012  

    My daughter and her friend were selected to perform the same the character in their school musical. We contacted Music Junction to prepare the girls for their singing parts. The Music Junction instructor taught the girls how warm up their voices and sing correctly. With the help of the instructor, the girls were really prepared and were a highlight of the school musical!

    Darrell L.
    Sherman Oaks, CA 

    Jan 25, 2012  

    Music Junction is an excellent program for people of all ages to learn piano and voice. My two daughters have been taking piano lessons from Music Junction teachers for 5 years. The teacher takes the student from music they like and know - this makes learning piano enjoyable and fun. Later, the teacher and student branch out into more challenging music to make sure the student learns proper finger movements. The teacher is very patient and over time she has become a friend to my children, and they work together to try new music so that learning piano has become a creative journey. This piano program is a family experience too because there are about three piano recitals a year and these are a lot of fun too, especially the holiday recital in December. My wife and I are vey happy with Music Junction and I often think about taking lessons myself.

    Anne T.
    Los Angeles, CA 

    Jan 22, 2012  

    My sons (6, 9 and 11yo) have been taking piano lessons from the Music Junction for two years now. The teachers there are extremely talented at teaching piano -- they are engaging, enthusiastic, extremely well trained and passionate about music. Music Junction has made learning piano fun for my boys.

    After my sons had been playing piano for a few months with Music Junction, I decided to start playing piano again after 20 years. Music Junction brought the joy of playing piano back into my life again. I feel challenged each week and inspired by my teacher.

    We as a family couldn't recommend Music Junction more strongly!

    Kim H.
    Los Angeles, CA 

    Nov 27, 2011  

    I have been studying piano at the Music Junction for about 3 years. I felt that I needed a creative outlet and because I had learned the basics as a child, piano lessons seemed the obvious choice for me. I also wanted to have fun with it, which is something the teachers at the Music Junction strongly encourage. In the process I have improved well beyond my expectations. I am as excited today about my weekly lessons, as I was when I start 3 years ago.

    As an adult it has also been fun to observe the progress in the kids that I see at the regularly scheduled recitals. There are 3-4 recitals a year, which help provide structure that allows us students to work towards goals and keeps us motivated. It is also fun getting together with the families that I have come to know over the years. There's a strong sense of family amongst us all.

    The teachers at the Music Junction are extremely skilled and professional and also want your experience to be fun. I highly recommend the Music Junction to anyone who wants to enhance their lives or their children's, with music.

    Nancy M.
    Los Angeles, CA 

    Nov 23, 2011  

    My kids have been taking lessons with the Music Junction for over 4 years. It has been a great fit for them. They started taking lessons at the studio, which was easier at the time and now we do in home lessons. The studio is located in an easy to get to area and you pull right into a garage and can wait in your car or go in the room with your kids. My girls are 13 and 10 and have progressed really well with the teachers there. They get so excited when they finally accomplish a song they have been working on. The kids perform in the best, well-organized, and stream lined recitals ever. The teachers work with them to encourage them, support them and build strong study habits. This has translated into other areas of their lives, they are confidante and at ease whether at a piano recital or up in front of their class presenting a report.

    Julie J.
    Los Angeles, CA 

    Nov 19, 2011  

    My 6 and 8 year old daughters and I have been taking piano and voice lessons from the Music Junction teachers for over 2 years. All the teachers have been fantastic. They are very well-trained, professional, enthusiastic and great with kids. Students perform in a very well organized voice and piano recital at least 3 times per year.

    My daughters are also taking music classes at their elementary school taught by the Music Junction teachers.

    I am extremely happy with the Music Junction and would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for music lessons for a child or an adult.

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