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    Sonic Branding


    If your new year’s resolution is to read more books, consider Joel Beckerman’s book on how businesses and marketers use sound to shape our moods and opinions.
    In “The Sonic Boom: How Sound Transforms The Way We Think, Feel, And Buy
    Sonic Boom,” Beckerman, along with Tyler Gray, taps into his knowledge of as a composer for Disney, AT&T and Coca-Cola, and explains how the addition of sound/music can change a person’s experience.
    “In my career, I’ve worked with so many smart, creative people not only in television, but in marketing and branding. What I started to think about more and more was how sound affects us every single moment of our lives,” Beckerman told the Wharton School. “Really, the soundtrack of our lives and … all those different moments of sound guide our moods and change our choices. It changes our mood in an instant.”
    There is a good reason why Beckerman focuses on sound and it is not just because he is a musician. Of all the senses, we react the fastest to what we hear. To be exact, iit takes approximately .146 seconds for humans to react to a sounds while we process what we smell in .500 seconds. In short, if you want to create an immediate connection and represent yourself in a certain way, focus on sounds.
    In the book and in his website, digs a little deepper and uses several examples of how sound alters our judgement and expereience from the sound of an Apple computer to the sizzling of the fajitas as Chili’s.
    Although this book is geared more toward marketers and businesspeople, musicians can also benefit from reading this book. The music you make is not only beautiful, but influential and important.



    Why Musicians Make Great Entrepreneurs

    We already know about the exciting neural activity that happens when we play music and how it creates lasting effects that benefit children in school, even older students who aspire to be doctors. Now, a music major turned entrepreneur says his degree helped him succeed in the business world.

    Panos Panay who created an online gig-booking site named SonicBirds and is now founding managing director of Berklee College of Music’s Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship penned an article for Fast Company about how he tried to hide behind his creative background when he began his career in the tech startup scene. Over time, he realized that learning and studying music provided him a competitive advantage and that business schools could learn a few things from music majors.


    Learn to listen: Panay writes that music majors are constantly listening to others and adapting their performance based on group dynamics, which is a skill that could be beneficial to entrepreneurs who have to change their business strategies based on new inventions and market demands.


    Mix it up: Panay writes that music students study diverse genres of music that inevitably create a cross-genre pollination. He adds: “Entrepreneurial education needs much more cross-departmental, or even cross-university, collaborations where engineers, designers, business students, and creatives come together to imagine and cocreate.”


    Get on the road: Music students are always interacting with their customers through live performances. Given this fact, musicians can go beyond the books and apply a real-world analysis of what works and what does not. Business students could greatly benefit from this type of engagement, Panos writes.


    Encourage originality: Music students are taught to express themselves creatively and in their own unique voice, which is very similar to the saying “think outside the box” that business students are taught.

    What do you think? Has your music education benefited your non-music career?

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