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    Karaoke For Your Health



    Let’s be entirely honest, singing karaoke is not everyone’s idea of a good time. For some it may be embarrassing or spark a fit of anxiety. BUT let’s talk for a moment about why singing karaoke could be awesome for you.

    Dr Michael Roizen MD who, along with Dr Oz, has authored 8 NY Times Bestselling books has this to say about singing karaoke.

    “Singing (on or off key) improves breathing—and that’s good for many parts of your body and brain. According to a recent Japanese study (of course!), the benefits of karaoke are far-reaching. Singing Sinatra—or even Aerosmith—relieves stress and boosts self-esteem and confidence, while also building social connections—all major life extenders. Plus, families that karaoke together build bonds and banish conflict.
    There haven’t been studies on how karaoke affects listeners, but listening to joyful music (and what’s joyful is always a personal opinion) reduces blood pressure, so if you enjoy what you’re singing or listening to, be a rock star or a lounge lizard and embrace karaoke”







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    Try Out “StarMaker” – a fun Karaoke App from The Voice!

    Traditionally, we’ve gone out to our local Karaoke Night to do some singing with a group of friends, but lately, those with a Karaoke itch have been turning to their smart phones.  That’s why The Voice created StarMaker, a karaoke app for android and iphones, says its users have logged 2 billion minutes of singing time since launching in 2010 – around 23,000 hours per day – and has nearly half a million likes on Facebook.  You can choose to submit a recording from the app to The Voice for consideration to be a contestant on the show.

    According to The Voice, StarMaker has “all the stuff that lets you create high quality recordings…StarMaker is your license to sing again, to practice a song until you nail it, to learn how fun it is to sing a great song. We’ve added studio-quality voice effects to help you sound better, and you can share your recording anonymously to the StarMaker community to see what people think”

    One thing that is great about this app is that StarMaker actually shows you how long or short your notes are, and if you are moving higher or lower with each note, in a way that borrows from reading music notes on the staff.  It’s nice to have a visual guide to a song – even when you’ve heard a song on the radio a million times, it’s still hard to remember every little nuance in the piece when you’re singing it on your own.  Another fun feature is “auto tune,” which corrects pitch for out of tune notes.  The corrections end up sounding a little computerized – think Cher in her song “Believe,” – but it does the trick.

    Karaoke apps are a great way for a singer taking voice lessons to try out their new vocal skills and have fun doing it.  In StarMaker, you have the opportunity to listen back to your recording after you’re done singing.  This is a perfect opportunity to check in on how you sound and make an analysis of vocal aspects you’d like to improve.  Then, try singing through again and see if you can make those improvements!  Or, take those concerns in to your voice teacher to get personalized instruction.  Your voice teacher will be your personal guide, and StarMaker can be your workshop!  If you love how you are sounding, submit to The Voice and see if they feel the same way.

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