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    “Making Music Matters”



    Hutchinson Middle Schooler Marquise Nelson plays the violin with his school's orchestra during String Wars, the Lubbock Independent School District 25th annual string fling, Tuesday night at the Lubbock Civic Center Auditorium. Tuesday, Feb. 02, 2010 (Photo by Geoffrey McAllister/Lubbock Avalanche-Journal)

    Middle Schooler Marquise Nelson plays the violin with his school’s orchestra



    “Music is good for the brain”.

    We’ve heard this statement so often that it has lost much of its impact. There are high school and college classes on music appreciation which scratch the surface of this topic. The most substantial benefits of music, however, cannot be achieved through mere appreciation. It is only accessed through application, ie; actually making music.

    That dusty old guitar in the corner or that out of tune piano is where the magic lies. TIME magazine said it best “It is only through the active generation and manipulation of sound that music can rewire the brain.”

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