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    3 Ways to Honor Those Who Served on Veterans Day


    Today is Veterans Day, a special day in which we honor the men and women who served in war. There are many ways to remember their sacrifices but we’ve come up with a few choices and, because we are The Music Junction, they all have a connection to music.



    Take time to honor veterans at a local ceremony. At 11 a.m. today at McCambridge Park War Memorial, the City of Burbank’s ceremony will include a special presentation by the U.S. Navy, live music and more. Pasadena also will host a ceremony and a parade is scheduled in the San Fernando Valley.



    Music can play a powerful role in helping veterans cope with severe emotional, physical and mental distress they may develop while serving. In fact, a study by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs shows that six weeks of music instruction can lessen the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and reduce depression. Guitars for Vets gives free guitars and weekly lessons to veterans in 20 states with nearby programs in Long Beach and Loma Linda.  Currently, the demand is outweighing the nonprofit’s ability to supply instruments and educators. Any donation will help Guitars for Vets continue its great work.



    Coldplay uses archival footage from World War II in its latest video for the song “All My Friends.” With images of ships capsizing, soldiers running in battle and the injured being carried away, the video is a gentle reminder on the sacrifices soldiers make on behalf of their country.

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    Helping Veterans Through Music

    They’ve seen the worst of atrocities fighting in a war and returned home after enduring life-changing injuries.

    Now, they’re moving on with their lives with the help of music.

    We were inspired to see this CNN story about MusiCorps, a music rehabilitation program that helps military veterans learn, or in some cases re-learn, music with the help of professional musicians. MusiCorps also launched its own music group, known as the Wounded Warrior Band, which plays throughout the country including at the Grand Ole Opry, with Yo Yo Ma and with the Kansas City Symphony.

    “I’ve seen guys come in here, and they’re going through such a tough time with their injuries that they are very withdrawn,” says Arthur Bloom, founder of MusiCorps and a graduate of Yale School of Music. “The music becomes their new way of communicating. It can be just as powerful as the spoken word. … By injecting music into this space, we can inject life.”

    All the veterans in MusiCorps suffered serious injuries including loss of limbs and eyes and are receiving treatment at Washington, D.C.’s Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Their conditions are so serious that they need multiple surgeries and end up living at Walter Reed for a few years.

    The MusiCorps program helps veterans take their mind off surgeries and rehabilitation as well as alleviate stress and anxiety.

    We’ve mentioned before that music is a gift and we’re glad so many people are helping others through music.  We’re also impressed with Wounded Warrior Band’s talents. The group’s performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Grand Ole Opry was so moving and their sacrifice was brought into sharper focus when the singer repeated “home of the brave” several times.

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