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  • Wanna Become Smarter and More Creative?

    Wanna Become Smarter and More Creative?

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    I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! According to scientific studies people who listen to

    jazz music are proven to be smarter and more creative. I repeat, “people who listen to jazz music are smarter and more creative”.

    If you haven’t already jumped out of your seat and headed towards your record player or Spotify smooth jazz playlist, here’s a little more insight on the subject.

    I may have been been exaggerating a bit about the smarter and more creative part. That’s a bit difficult to prove. However, the benefits of listening to jazz music, specifically, have certainly been proven. It can affect your memory, focus, and mood.  Listening to jazz is a stress reliever and can reduce blood pressure by 30%, reduce pain by 21%, and can be as effective as a massage. It’s a pretty good excuse to nuzzle up to someone special on the couch as well.

    Here are a few insightful articles about how listening to jazz music makes you a cool cat

    and just might change your life.

    Mind, Body & Jazz: 
How Jazz Can Improve Your Health



    All That Jazz: People Who Listen To Jazz Are Smarter And More Creative

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