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Yoga for singers.

Yoga for Musicians

If your new year’s resolution includes more exercise and better music-making, consider yoga to fulfill both your goals.

Although the benefits often associated with yoga are physical (i.e. flexibility and weight loss) and mental (i.e. stress relief and mindfulness), yoga also helps people with body alignment, balance and building a strong core, all necessary tools for good singing. The belief that yoga can improve one’s singing is so strong that yoga classes have made their way onto Berklee College of Music’s campus (which offers a “Yoga for Musicians” class) and has spawned its own sub-industry that includes DVDs and books.

Does yoga make you a better singer? Well, you still need to practice singing and science has yet to make a strong connection. Still, it does not hurt to try! We’ve collected some videos and poses to get you started. Try them and tell us what you think!

Adie Grey

While the production quality is lacking, this video does a good job of explaining why certain poses benefit signers. You may not watch this every day as part of your yoga routine, but you will have better knowledge on how your body affects your music performance.


Mia Olson
She is a Berklee instructor who also teaches yoga. There is no accompanying video but in this Making Music magazine article Olson lists some specific poses that works for all musicians. She focuses more on yoga as a form of injury prevention.


Chaz Rough

This video is geared toward those who want to do yoga before a recital or performance. It’s quick but might do the trick to make you calm, flexible and confident.


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