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Best music viral videos in 2014.

2014: A Year In Entertaining Music


We already know that 2014 was a great year in discovering the scientifically-proven benefits of playing music but it was also a enjoyable year to be entertained by music. Although the highlights are far too long for one blog post, here are a few of our favorite music videos and stories by entertainers and every day people that will bring a smile to your face.



“Happy” by Pharrell


With so much global conflict and disease happening in the world, it is refreshing that a song, simply titled “Happy” struck a chord with people around the world. In the beginning, it started off as the first 24-hour music video featuring everyday people singing and dancing to his music. Then, the simple lyrics and the timeless beat gained momentum with people creating their own version of Pharrell’s song. We think Social Times put it best: “The song is catchy and it’s sentimental in just the right way. Who doesn’t like the idea of happiness? Like those inspirational quotes your mom probably posts on Instagram and Pinterest, you could spend a lifetime trying to figure out what makes people tick. A good beat and a positive message isn’t a bad place to start.”


“Shake It Off”  by a Chris and Sean O’Malley



By now you know, we love family music videos. There is just something about using music to bond and have fun with your loved ones that just makes us smile. And this video, will definitely make you grin and laugh. Father Chris O’Malley and his son Sean can be seen lip-synching a Guns n’ Roses song while in the car when Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off Appear.” Instead of stopping their act, they continue to lip sync this pop tune.

The elder O’Malley told the Today show. “I hope this video encourages more parents to do fun stuff with their kids, and I hope teenagers can get over being cool for a minute and goof off with Mom and Dad.”



“Scoring the Screen” by NPR


Although it goes largely unnoticed, music plays a huge role in a film, arousing emotions and furthering the plot. As this Star Wars blog post shows, movies without music are lacking and sometimes hilarious. National Public Radio gave us quite a treat by talking with some of the heavyweight in film scoring including those who created the sound for “The Shawshank Redemption,” “Life of Pi” and “Halloween.” We are especially fond of the interview with Rachel Portman who compose “Chocolat” who discussing creating emotions and being honest with viewers. She says, “It’s important not to add another layer of the same thing that’s already on the screen.”


Of course, there is also Idina Menzel’s performance of “Let it Go” with Jimmy Fallon that we wrote about earlier this year. It is a must see!


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