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3-D Technology and Music


There has been an explosion of 3-D art and printing that has infused a new kind of creativity. Thanks to technology more people can draw replicas of the Eiffel Tower, create prosthetic limbs, and more.


It is like the Wild West for the 3-D world and who knows what will become of this. Yet, we are already curious how our favorite subject — music — factors into all of this. Well, we saved you the time and did the research for you. Enjoy!


Printing music

For all the practical value 3-D printing is expected to bring to the world, there is a group of artists who like printing for non-utilitarian purposes. Search YouTube and you will find videos of 3-D printers “playing” Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, even Star Wars’ Imperial March. The printouts from the music is also considered art and hanging in art galleries now. See the video above to hear an example.


Printing instruments

Entrepreneurs and companies have been trying to find ways that 3-D printing can make products more economical. Printing musical instruments have had varying levels of success, some are good and some are bad. Still, we like the idea that low-cost musical instruments can allow more children to play music.


Writing Music

While 3-D pens are better suited to visual expression, we were intrigued to learn about a blind doctoral student who used a 3-D pen to write a musical composition so other blind students can play. Unfortunately, the amount of Braille sheets music is much smaller than what’s available to musicians with sight. Again, we like the idea of a low cost way to bring music into people’s lives.


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