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6-Year-Old Revived from illness by Music


SEATTLE Reports “Kids are resilient, but sometimes they need a little nudge. For a Seattle boy who recently became very sick, that extra push came from the unlikeliest of places.  If there`s one thing A.J. Hwangbo knows for sure, it`s the power of music.  That`s because when this 6-year-old was knocking on death`s door, music brought him back.”

After A.J. receives a short outing from the hospital to see his favorite artist, Macklemore, in concert, he experiences a dramatic turnaround with his illness.

“He seemed a lot more himself that evening,” his mom said. “I didn’t have to wipe his mouth the whole concert.”

The next day, A.J. spoke for the first time in weeks.

“I’ve seen kids become withdrawn and sad, and depressed because of a traumatic experience they`ve been through – that is definitely common,” Van Cleave said. “What I haven`t seen before is the incredible transformation in such a short time with one really amazing event in the way it happened for A.J.”

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