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A Majority of Americans Have Received Music Education


Arts organizations and music educators — including us —  have lauded the benefits of music education for several years.

It appears that people are listening, according to a survey published by The Harris Poll last month, which revealed that this country is filled musical minds.

Three-quarters of Americans 18 years old or older reported that they have received music education when they were young. The education ranged from singing in the school choir to joining a garage band to taking private lessons. A majority of people who studied music believe it had a positive impact in their lives – personal and professional — even if they have stopped practicing. A majority of people said that music was extremely or very important in imparting useful skills such as working toward a common goal and striving for individual excellence in a group setting.

It’s also worthwhile to note that those who did not receive music education also believe in its transformative power. Both adults who did and did not study music agreed that the learning and habits of music equipped people to become better team players (71 percent), provided a disciplined approach to solving problems (67 percent) and prepared people to manage the tasks of their job more successfully (66 percent).

The Harris Poll researchers wondered whether programs like “Glee” have spurred an interest in music education. Glee and a slew of others shows including “The Voice,” “America’s Got Talent” and “The X Factor” showcase young talent and it could motivate others to pursue music. What do you think? We may never know the cause but we’re glad so many people already understand the benefits of music training.

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