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Are voice lessons more cost effective?

Are Voice Lessons The Most Cost-Effective Type of Music Instruction?

When you think about music education do you think of children playing the piano or violin or do picture children singing do-re-mi?

Chances are it’s the former.

It’s an unexplained bias in Western culture that a solid music education must include a musical instrument.

British music journalist Helen Wallace noticed this too and wonders why, in an era of reduced budgets for art instruction, so many people are advocating for the most expensive type of music instruction.

“The fact is that every child already has an instrument, cost-free: their own voice,” Wallace writes in, an online publication of BBC Music Magazine. “If half the meagre resources currently available were spent on expertly-led choral singing in primary schools, every single child could experience music of a quality, variety and sophistication impossible to achieve with a motley collection of instruments played by children in the early stages of mastering them.”

Wallace has a valid point about cost.  Musical instruments designed for beginning learners cost at least a few hundred dollars. Parents eagerly scour Craigslist for pianos hoping to find a deal and, in another country, people work tirelessly to create instruments from landfill materials.

We’ve researched and tried to discern if there are unique benefits of instrumental instruction as opposed to vocal education but we could not find any information. It appears that any type of music instruction offers great benefits to children.

We offer piano and voice lessons at The Music Junction and see the benefits in both types of education. We also think that the most valuable type music instruction is the one that inspires you and makes you excited to practice be it voice or piano.

The Music Junction offers piano and voice lessons at our Burbank and Hollywood locations. Call us today to learn more.

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