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Baby Got Class – New Viral Video Reminds Us That Music Is Fun


The Holderness family has had us laughing for a while. Last year, they wore matching pajamas for a Christmas video that became a viral sensation on the Internet and we’ve quickly become big fans of their latest video.

Their “Baby Got Class” video pokes fun of the back to school season, a time of the year when restless kids stock up on an ever-growing list of school supplies and tired parents can once again enjoy a quiet house. The song is a parody of rap classic “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix A Lot and we were impressed with how well the words of the parody song matched the syllables and rhythm of the original tune.

“I like them big and round, backpacks for my kids,” father Penn Holdernesss raps in one verse. “They got to weigh a ton ‘cuz this shopping list is not fun.”

The benefits of music lessons are well documented. Taking music lessons can enhance children’s math and reading skills, improve their memory and fosters creativity.  However, at its core music should be fun. It should be expressive, a shared experience and, sometimes, silly.

Just like the Holderness family.

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