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With the way that schools in California (and other states) have been gutting/removing their music programs, you would think that people didn't care about music education.  This seems to not be true, according to a 2009 Gallup Poll of American attitudes toward music. According to the survey, the majority of Americans completely or mostly agree that benefits for children and teenagers playing musical instruments include: [bullet] •    Helping a child develop creativity(97%) •    Helping develop teamwork skills from playing in a school band (96%) •    Helping a child’s overall intellectual development (94%) •    Relieving stress and providing relaxation, which is needed during these troubled economic times (94%) •    Helping make friends (93%) •    Helping prepare them to be creative and innovative in the workforce (91%) •    Yielding better grades, teaches discipline, motivates them to stay in school (88%) •    Making you smarter (83%) •    Most (92%) completely or mostly agree that schools should offer music as part of the regular curriculum •    Eight in ten completely or mostly agree that music education should be mandated by states •    Most (87%) completely or strongly agree that music is a very important part of their life [/bullet] reports that biological anthropologist Leslie Seltzer of the University of Wisconsin held and experiment where 7-12 year-old girls were faced with a challenging laboratory experiment, and then allowed to receive encouragement from their mothers.  Some mothers spoke in person, some by phone, and some...