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Going through a voice change can feel disconcerting and forlorn for young boys.  Singing Consultant Jenevora Williams published a great FAQ for young male voice students to understand what is happening with their voices and what to expect. Q What happens when your voice breaks? A Firstly- don't talk about breaking- there's no damage occurring. Your larynx is growing bigger. In a boy, it grows by about 60%. A bigger larynx makes a lower sound. Q How will I know when it is happening? A The process begins at the same time as other changes. If you have had a sudden growth spurt, your larynx will be doing the same.
Q What age will I be?
A The average age for the start of voice change is 12.5. It can happen at any time from 10 to 15.
Q Can it happen overnight?
A Nothing can grow that quickly! It normally takes about two years but if it is happening gradually, you may not notice it for a while and then it could take you by surprise.
Q Can I slow it down if I carry on singing treble?
A No. It can only be slowed down by severe malnutrition, artificial hormones, or irreversible surgery; none of which are recommended! You can learn to use other muscles in the larynx to adapt to the growth and to continue singing high but this can be very damaging in the longer term. Don't do it - go with the flow!

This is an amazing video featuring a virtual choir made of prerecorded homemade videos from 3,746 people in 73 countries of the same song.  It's a 3,746-person choir in this 3rd installment by Eric Whitacre (the 4th video features over 8,000).  Composer Eric Whitacre's idea for a Virtual Choir featuring voices from all over the world began when a fan recorded herself singing one of his songs and shared it on YouTube.