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Brad Hubisz

Brad Hubisz, the senior teacher at The Music Junction, is greatly loved by his students of piano, voice and song-writing, some of them continuing as long as 6 years, while at The Music Junction. Brad loves people, loves music, and loves teaching people music, having worked with students of all ages (from 3-93) for over ten years. A composer, pianist, vocalist, arranger, and conductor, Brad has a wide range of interests and experience that lend to his teaching.

His compositions and arrangements have been performed by numerous collegiate ensembles, he’s participated in numerous choral ensembles over the years, he has sung high mass at St. Peter’s and St. Mark’s, he performed Bach’s St. Matthew Passion with the LA Philharmonic under the direction of legendary conductor Helmut Rilling, and Brad even shared the stage with Barbra Streisand at the 2001 Emmy’s. As a vocalist he has sung bass in a professional caroling group and in performances of Handel’s Messiah. Brad also leads The Music Junction’s song-writing collaboration for winners of Burbank Singing Star, an annual charity produced by The Music Junction where kids get to audition, perform and compete in a big singing contest in front of celebrity judges. Winners get to co-write a song with Brad and record the song professionally ready for radio play!

Having studied at the New England Conservatory of Music Preparatory School,
the University of Southern California, and Azusa Pacific University, Brad holds a Master of Music in Choral Conducting and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (focusing on child development). Brad has a passion for music theory and loves finding ways to explain complex concepts simply and clearly. Though Brad’s training was classical, he has also served as a worship leader and music director in a variety of church settings.