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Celebrating The Holidays With Music and Jammies


You know it is the holiday season when local radio stations play Christmas music 24 hours a day and the malls are filled with Santas ready to hear what’s on children’s wish lists. A new tradition has spring for those who follow YouTube viral videos.  You know it’s Christmas when the Holderness family creates their holiday video.


And what a treat it is this year!


The North Carolina family, which includes a mom, dad and two children, became Internet famous last year with their holiday video “XMAS Jammies.” In a video they intended for family and friends, the Holderness family donned matching pajamas, sang and danced together and generated more than 15 million views on YouTube. This year, their holiday video “card” is  “#JammieTime” and is set to the tune of REM’s “It’s the End of the World”


While throwing fake snowballs and jumping on trampolines with guitars and cowbells, they sing “It’s the end of the year and we love it.”


We wrote a blog post about their back-to-school video “Baby Got Class,” which we thought was hilarious and spot on about what it is really like to get children ready for school. Again, we cannot help but like this family who likes making music together and having fun.


Watch the video and enjoy the holiday season!


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