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Cook turkey with music app.

For Thanksgiving, Throw Away Your Kitchen Timer and Use This App


Happy Thanksgiving! If your morning and afternoon will be spent in the kitchen chopping vegetables and basting a turkey we found a way to have some fun.

According to the New York Post, music streaming service Spotify has removed the need for a kitchen timer. Its Time for Turkey feature will allow you to play music while your bird cooks and when the jams stop it is time to remove the bird! You begin by entering the weight of the turkey including whether it is stuffed or stuffed (Spotify uses the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s guidelines of cooking a turkey at 325 degrees). Then, select one of five music genres that range from Americana to dance music to oldies and start dancing in your kitchen for the next few hours!

And don’t forget to heed Spotify’s advice: “But please take care – baste, check and check again. No matter how hot the music, an undercooked party will kill the party.”

We agree!

If you want more music options, check out our earlier blog post that has some great curated playlists.

Enjoy your day!

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