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Go to FREE Music Concerts at LACMA

Every year the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) in West Hollywood presents over one hundred concerts featuring leading international and local ensembles in programs of classical, jazz, Latin and new music. These include the long-running Sundays Live and Jazz at LACMA, along with the newer series Latin Sounds and Art & Music.  The Jazz at LACMA series is presented outdoors amidst LACMA’s lush landscaping and beautiful architecture.  Tens of thousands of people attend each year, some toting blankets and picnic baskets, to enjoy the free concerts.  The Sundays Live series is held indoors in LACMA’s Leo S. Bing Theater.

This is a special opportunity for parents to expose the young aspiring musicians in their family to enriching live music at no cost.  Attending a musical event can go a long way to enhancing your child’s appreciation for music.  Kid’s can’t connect to what it means to be a musician from listening to the radio or their iPods – those mediums provide little insight to how music is actually made.  Actually seeing professional performers in person can be inspiring to a young person who is thinking about studying an instrument.  It makes a big difference to see an live example of what a music student could aspire to (after they make it past the “Mary had a Little Lamb” stage of their studies).  Being an accomplished music requires long term study, and it helps to have a good vision of what you’re working towards to keep the momentum going.  Watching great musicians show off their skills can be exciting and inspiring for the whole family.  So check out LACMA’s calendar and find a date for your family to enjoy an enriching experience!

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