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Hayley Mandel

Hayley Mandel is a singer, songwriter, poet, writer, activist, educator, composer, performance artist, and musical director. Hailing from New York, Puerto Rico, and Boston Hayley began her musical journey by singing. She began classical piano lessons at age 5 and soon after began her journey as a songwriter. As Hayley’s musicality and devotion to music and the arts continued to flourish, Hayley picked up the guitar at age 12. Soon after Hayley attended and graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music. You can find Hayley flooding venues around the Los Angeles area with her hypnotic voice or you can find the beloved music teacher making her students laugh uncontrollably and encouraging them to pursue their musical dreams and forge their own musical destinies.

Hayley will be leading our 6 weeks of Summer Camp 2018, a fun exploration of instruments such as piano, guitar, ukulele, hand percussion, and voice. Campers will be coached in songwriting, performance techniques, ensemble band work, sing-alongs, improve games and music lab!