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How music affected the business decisions of a CEO.

How Music Shaped The Business Decisions of a CEO


We may take it for granted now but the speed in which we get answers on the Internet happens at an astoundingly fast pace. Google even lets people know just how fast.

Type in “music education” and you get a response in .40 seconds. “The Music Junction” yields a result to our website in .44 seconds.

Do you know you can attribute this lightning quick speed to music?

Let us explain. Google CEO Larry Page says that playing the saxophone and studying music composition while growing up in Michigan always made him conscious of speed and time.

“It’s amazing to the extent I think that modern operating systems are terrible at being real-time,” Page said told Fortune magazine. “If you think about it from a music point of view, if you’re a percussionist, you hit something, it’s got to happen in milliseconds, fractions of a second.”

So he pushed his engineers to consider time when creating or improving search engines or other Google products. His team also took into account lag time of other websites and gave higher ranking to those sites with faster loading times.

In a very real sense you can thank Fortune’s 2014 Businessperson of the Year for creating a faster Internet.

Now that he runs a multi-billion dollar operation and leads one of the most successful Internet companies in the world he has given up music, right?

Not at all.

The CEO still finds time to incorporate music into his life. He has recently begun drumming lessons.

The Music Junction offers piano and voice lessons at our Burbank and Hollywood locations. Call us today to learn more.

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