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How to find hte right music teacher for your child.

How To Find The Right Music Teacher For Your Child



If you have given your child the gift of music lessons this holiday season, congratulations! You and your child are in for a rewarding journey that will not only create a lifelong love of music but provide scientifically-proven benefits that will give her an edge in the classroom.


Assuming you have found the perfect piano (if not, we can help you with that too), all you need is to find the ideal teacher. Obviously, we think The Music Junction instructors are all talented and can serve a diverse group of students but we still want to offer some helpful tips.


Research The Instructor: Finding the right teacher is akin to finding the right preschool for your child. You will need to talk to a lot of people —  including friends, parents and music store workers — to find some ideal instructors.  You can also read online reviews such as Yelp (we’re especially proud of our reviews!) for additional insight. Also, read the teacher bios and find out what type of education and professional experience he or she possesses.


Set Expectations: If piano or vocal lessons will be one of many activities your child is involved than it is best to not pair him with a demanding instructor. Likewise, if you are on a limited budget do not enroll your aspiring musician with an instructor who requires additional theory classes and/or practicing on a “real” piano (as opposed to a digital piano). When interviewing potential teachers, it is best to be honest with your expectations and limitations and see how she or he reacts. If the teacher is unwilling to work with your circumstances, it is time to move on.


Attend a Recital: A recital can be a great way to observe an instructor’s demeanor and how well he or she connects with students. Unlike an interview, where everyone knows the “right” things to say to get the gig, a recital can reveal a teacher’s true approach to music education. Also, pay close attention to the general age of the other students, the music selection and the general mood of the students and audience.


Agree on a Break-Up: We agree with National Public Radio; music lessons are too much of a financial investment for the parent and child to be unhappy. If the personalities between the teacher and child are not meshing, then find a new instructor. NPR states: “It’s better to make a change sooner rather than later, especially if you feel like a teacher’s experience, energy or approach just isn’t right for your child. Sure, that will probably be an uncomfortable conversation, but isn’t that preferable to wasting money, time and your kid’s initial enthusiasm?” Be sure you find an instructor who understands a good working relationship is paramount and will not make you feel guilty for leaving.


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