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Karaoke For Your Health



Let’s be entirely honest, singing karaoke is not everyone’s idea of a good time. For some it may be embarrassing or spark a fit of anxiety. BUT let’s talk for a moment about why singing karaoke could be awesome for you.

Dr Michael Roizen MD who, along with Dr Oz, has authored 8 NY Times Bestselling books has this to say about singing karaoke.

“Singing (on or off key) improves breathing—and that’s good for many parts of your body and brain. According to a recent Japanese study (of course!), the benefits of karaoke are far-reaching. Singing Sinatra—or even Aerosmith—relieves stress and boosts self-esteem and confidence, while also building social connections—all major life extenders. Plus, families that karaoke together build bonds and banish conflict.
There haven’t been studies on how karaoke affects listeners, but listening to joyful music (and what’s joyful is always a personal opinion) reduces blood pressure, so if you enjoy what you’re singing or listening to, be a rock star or a lounge lizard and embrace karaoke”







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