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Sing with your child month

March Is Sing With Your Child Month

No one in The Music Junction needs prodding to become songbirds but we’ll happily sing a little bit more in honor of Sing With Your Child Month!


Yes, there is a month dedicated to singing and it begins in March!


As we learned in an earlier blog post, parents are more likely to sing in the shower than to their children so we fully support a month dedicated to belting out tunes. After all, the benefits of music are scientifically proven and we all could find more ways to add music to our lives. So, forget about the quality of your singing voice — trust us, you’re probably a lot better than you think you are — grab a drum and starting singing.


Still, not sure what to do? We have some advice:


Make up a song: Turn off the car radio and have your family sing a song, suggests Music Together. Don’t worry about rhythm or the quality of the lyrics. In our house, we borrow heavily from the song “Mary Wore A Red Dress” except we change the lyrics to say what we’re wearing.


Turn Storytime into Musical Storytime: Visit your local library and check out books you can sing. The Denver Public Library, has curated a list for you and it goes beyond “Twinkle, twinkle little star” and “Mary had a little lamb.”


Sing to Chores/Tasks: Some things are just inevitable in a child’s life. She will have to pick up toys, brush her teeth, and wash her hands. Why not make the experience fun by singing some music. These can be quick tunes that your child is learning at school and preschool.


Good luck and keep singing!


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