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Teens teach homeless girls how to play the violin.

Music is a Gift


So much discussion about music today is focused on how it benefits the individual. Music makes us smarter. Music makes us less stressed.

Yet, music is also a gift.

We were touched to read a story in the Boston Globe of two 13-year-old middle school students who teach homeless girls how to play the violin. The teens — Sophia Spungen and Emily Swearingen — visit the shelter once a week and give one-hour lessons to three young girls who range in age from 8 to 10. The older girls plan the lessons themselves and successfully raised money to buy their students starter violins.

The collaboration began in June and Spungen and Swearengin show no signs of stopping their outreach. The girls, who have been playing the violin for several years, try to engage their students by picking popular songs including a tune from “Frozen”  as well as standards such as “Bile ’Em Cabbage Down.” Every lesson ends in a compliment from the teachers.

Giving the gift of music is something the mothers of the young students appreciate.

“Our kids need more than food; they need music, they need art, they need to be kids for a while,” one mother told the Boston Globe.

We couldn’t agree more.

The next time you’re thinking about giving back to your community, consider your music education as a gift. Helping others learn to play the piano or singing to them could brighten their day.

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