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Music resources on Pinterest.

Music Resources on Pinterest


We know Pinterest is a great site for planning a wedding, looking for new recipes and those who crave a do-it-yourself project. But have you ever visited Pinterest to learn more about music?

Although some ideas require so much work you wonder if it’s worth the effort, it is nice to have a community of “pinners” out there who can help make you or your child a better musician. Here are our recommendations of some worthwhile pins. Enjoy!


Music Theory

We found Pinterest is especially good at providing education resources for young children, especially in music theory. We love this worksheet on how to count notes and this handout is a fun way to learn about different tempos. This infographic on major and minor scales works for people of all ages.


Piano Music

You’re never at a loss for beginning music sheets on Pinterest. You can easily find the Happy Birthday song, an alternate, easier version of Let It Go from the movie “Frozen,” even the indie pop hit “Hey there Delilah


Singing Lessons

The “Singing Lessons” board by Elizabeth Geer is full of text and video resources for warm-up exercises, beginning books and demonstrations on how sound is produced from your body. Also, the “Voice” board by Amanda Jaques has pinned some good videos on exercises and breathing through your diaphragm.

 Do you have a favorite pin or a board? Let us know!

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