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Music Worth Noting

Music Worth Noting Pt. 2


In our first “Music Worth Noting” feature, we mentioned how much great music is available online. We’re trying to make it a regular feature to showcase a wide variety of music to inspire you and us. Last week we had Common and Itzhak Perlman and this week includes a whole different set of talent. Enjoy!

Cat Stevens


We’re big Cat Stevens fans so if we get a chance to see him performing, we’ll pretty much stop what we’re doing. In this Tiny Desk performance organized by NPR, you can hear some of his classic tunes and how age has changed his voice, making his tunes deeper and bit more gravelly. Also, notice how he doesn’t bring sheet music with him. Everything he needs is on his computer tablet. We mentioned before that this is the future of music.


School of Rock


Broadway is turning Jack Black’s “School of Rock” into a full-fledged musical and the New York Times decided to tag along for the auditions. At The Music Junction, we have some singers who aspire to perform on the live stage so they might want to check out this video for some insight into the audition process. We’re hopeful for all those nervous kids and, we must admit, felt a bit crushed when the judges abruptly told some of the children the audition was over.



Even if you don’t like punk rock, chances are you could not avoid the fact that Sleater-Kinney released its latest album after nearly a decade on hiatus. The trio visited The Late Show with David Letterman riding high on critics’ praise and their record sales. If you ever consider writing your own lyrics, examine the evolution of this band. The lyrics to “A New Wave,” feature pop beats while singing: “No one here is taking notice, no outline will ever hold us”Also, we love how David Letterman calls these 40-something women kids. Thanks for making us feel young Dave!

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