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How music affects our bodies.

News Apps Will Help Medical Researchers Study How Music Affects Our Bodies


We know music therapy can help reduce pain, treat autism and uplift the spirits of Alzheimer’s patients. But are there ways music can heal the body that we don’t even know about yet? Technology has improved so much that you too can help new scientific efforts to study of music.


The Sync Project, based out of Boston, has created an app to see how music affects the human body and is looking for volunteers. Basically, you just listen to your favorite music and it records pertinent biological information such as your heart beat. This approach vastly increases the number of people being studied and that’s a good thing. “With millions rather than dozens of participants, and vastly more data, the hope is that Sync’s scientist collaborators will arrive at surer answers, to better deploy the power of music to heal,” reports BetaBoston.


This is just the beginning of the convergence of medical research and our mobile devices. Apple has partnered with some hospitals including Massachusetts General Hospital and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and created five apps that will study asthma, breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.


“Users who download any of those apps can track their symptoms and share that data with researchers. Apple adds a layer of privacy to protect the identity of patients, reports BetaBoston.


Technology is vastly changing our lives and these efforts will really change medical research. We’re optimistic about these advances. What do you think?


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