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Terri Walsh

The lifelong study of music through practice, performance, teaching, creating and critiquing has been my sincere passion. With 25 years of working with music students of every age and ability, I have found that music study not only enriches, but transforms lives. While my teaching experience has been primarily in elementary: vocal/piano/general music, I have also worked closely with the vocal music students at the Academy of Music at Hamilton High School here in Los Angeles. I am so humbled to have directed the Sonshine Choir at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood for 18 years and have been able to play a role in the lives of our church students as they move through the grades, into college and beyond.

I hold a Master’s of Music Education Degree from the University of Colorado, a Bachelor’s of Music Education Degree from Kent State University, a California Single Subject in Music Credential for pre school through adults and continue to take college and local classes that keep me up to date on great teaching strategies, songs and creative ideas. I also sing in the Cathedral Choir at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood under the direction of Dr. Ariel Quintana.