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Singing in the shower can lower stress.

The Benefits of Singing in the Shower


Some people start their day with a cup of coffee while others read the newspaper. Still more, check their social media accounts. Do you know the best way to start your day is to sing in the shower?


According to Music.Mic, singing releases endorphins and oxytocin to the brain, which heightens your sense of pleasure and reduces anxiety. Singing is a great way to mentally prepare for a stressful day that may be filled with a demanding job or pressures from balancing your work and personal life. According to one of our latest blog posts, singing may be more beneficial than yoga.


As Music.Mic points out: “Those who sing are far less stressed, and that means their hearts do better in the long run.”


If you live with other musical people and can entice them for a group sing-along, you are in a better situation. Those who participate in group singing, such as  choirs, have raised immune competence meaning they are less likely to catch the next cold or flu that is spreading.


Also, the shower is a great place for everyone to sing because ceramic tiles do not absorb sound, making your voice bounce in every direction, according to Ryot. That adds power and volume to even the weakest singer.


So release those inhibitions (who cares what your family members think) and start belting out your favorite tunes.  Your body will thank you for it!


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