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Life of a music major.

The Life of a Music Major Requires A Lot of Practicing


If you think you practice music a lot, check out the life of a music major.

An article from The Daily O’Collegian from Oklahoma State University shows the amount of commitment students need for their craft and it is an interesting read if you’re deciding on majoring in music.

Student Corrine Bean is a music education major and says she spends 13 hours a day at the university’s performing arts complex that include taking classes and studying music. Although she is primarily a cello player, her university requires that she learn another instrument as well as take vocal lessons. She also participates in her school choral and strings group. That is a lot of work!

Bean wants to score movies after she graduates is preparing herself with her thesis project that includes playing three cello pieces and an original composition.

By the way, unless you are a music major it would be hard to spend 13 hours a day on your instrument.  If you would like to know a how much a practice, it is hard for us to give universal advice. Although generally the youngest musicians should practice 15 minutes a day and older, more advanced musicians should devote an hour a day, the truth is that quality is more important than quantity. If you lose interest or concentration, take a break. If, after the break, you still cannot focus, move on.  And do not try to make up for lost time with a marathon session on the weekend.

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