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Watch 10-year-old Anna Christine – Semi-Finalist on The Voice this week


This week, vocalist/pianist Anna Christine was the semi-finalist on The Voice.  At 10 years old, she possesses the vocal maturity of an adult that has been wowing audiences all summer.

This video is of her performance in June, when the Daily Caller reported she “stunned viewers across the nation performing “The House of the Rising Sun,” on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” The talented 10-year-old from Henderson, Nevada, debuted a surprisingly rich, deep voice that left an expression of disbelief on the face of new judge Heidi Klum and veteran judge Howie Mandel”

To sing with the strength and volume of Christine without creating vocal damage takes an advanced understanding of the voice that most wouldn’t be able to manage by age 10.  It’s evident in Christine’s tone that she is using the exact right vocal placement that can allow her vocal ease while producing such hearty sounds.  The placement can be taught to anyone over time and commitment to lessons, but then it needs to be exercised frequently to stay so strong and vibrant.  It’s a beautiful example, and also an amazing feat for her age.

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