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Watch Elias Phoenix – A 7yo Piano Prodigy – on the Ellen Show!


Ellen DeGeneres had 7-year-old Elias Phoenix on her show Friday, in one of the best interviews a 7-year-old has ever given.  Even Ellen, after the interview, tweeted “Just finished taping 1 of the most memorable interviews I’ve ever done, with a 7-yr-old. Airs tomorrow. You have to see it to believe it.” I would agree that this is one of the most memorable interviews Ellen has done.

Elias is totally comfortable on stage – he doesn’t seem to be intimidated at all by how many people are in the audience.   He says that his two life-long dreams were to perform in Carnegie Hall, and to be on the Ellen show, and now he has achieved both!  Not surprising when you see how talented this young piano prodigy is.  But his vibrancy is equally as impressive – his amazing “Hollywood” dance is so endearing, and his hands-on approach to Ellen seems to disarm her and the audience alike.  He seems to be one of Ellen’s biggest fans, lavishing compliments and touching her hair to find out that it is “so soft.”  He is so excited to be there he can hardly stay in his seat, and it’s entertainment alone just to watch his animated personality in action.  This is one special kid!

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