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Watch “I’ll Be There” Played on a Kitchen Appliance Drum Set by Percussionist Glen Kotche

This is a neat performance by Glen Kotche demonstrating how anything can become an instrument – even the kitchen sink.  Delta Faucet says “To demonstrate the precise control of Touch2O Technology, Delta Faucet developed a custom “drum kit” along with the Chicago-based percussionist and composer Glenn Kotche, best known for his involvement in the band Wilco. In this 30-second TV commercial, Glenn “plays” the touch faucets to re-create one of the most popular songs of the 1960s, “Reach Out, I’ll be There”. Precisely in tune with every touch. Touch2O Technology. The First of its Kind.”

In our blog post about Warren Olney’s interview on musicians in the digital age, we discuss the difficulties for musicians to earn income from their albums with dissipating CD sales and small returns on music streaming and the digital market.  But Glen Kotche’s partnership with Delta Faucet demonstrates a different income avenue for musicians – commercials and advertising.  The commercial industry employs many composers and instrumentalists – who write underscores to accompany the video and record original compositions.  But this commercial for Delta Faucet is particularly special because it showcases Kotche’s talents and creates exposure for him.  It’s a great opportunity for Kotche.

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